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Increase Mental Health Services

As a political candidate, my objectives center around improving access to mental health resources and equal opportunities for all. I'm also passionate about advocating for the homeless and disabled populations, who are often overlooked.


Support Crime Reduction Initiatives

I want to look at ways that we can optimize downtown spending so that we can spend money downtown where it matters yet shift more resources to other important areas of the city.


Enhance Public Safety

As a candidate for public office, I believe that addressing public safety must go hand in hand with tackling the root causes of crime. In Milwaukee, one pressing issue is the poor conditions in which many residents live, particularly the prevalence of abandoned houses that have become hotbeds for violence and criminal activity. My opponent chairs the abandoned and foreclosed homes committee, yet the problem persists, and it's clear that more needs to be done.

To address this issue, I propose a comprehensive approach that not only focuses on demolishing irreparable abandoned houses but also leverages this effort to create job opportunities and provide job training. By partnering with local organizations and leveraging the shortage in contractors, we can turn the demolition of these houses into an opportunity for job creation and skills development. This not only helps to address the blight of abandoned properties but also provides a pathway to employment for residents.

Moreover, the creation of new opportunities for better housing will breathe new life into our neighborhoods, making them safer and more vibrant. Strengthening the existing relationship with the Milwaukee Office of Community Wellness & Safety  is crucial. By working closely with this office, we can create programs that empower the community to take ownership of their neighborhoods, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility that will naturally improve the conditions and safety of the area.

I am particularly excited about the opportunity to work with the Director of the Office of Community Wellness & Safety, who happens to be my former English teacher and football coach. This personal connection will allow us to collaborate closely and effectively in making Milwaukee and the 4th aldermanic district a model for public safety. By combining efforts to address the root causes of crime with strategic partnerships and community empowerment, we can bring about positive change and create a safer, more prosperous environment for all residents.


Support local businesses and grow the local economy

For decades as a successful artist, I’ve always used my platform to promote investment in homegrown talent and retain our entrepreneurs and creatives. I dream of finally being able to bring things like our own “SXSW” to Downtown Milwaukee, creating an environment where our residents,  businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent can all benefit. 

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