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Ray Nitti for Alderman



As a creative entrepreneur who has played key roles in local and national politics since 2004, Rayhainio "Ray Nitti"  Boynes is here to pave the way to improve the lives of our families, businesses, and homegrown talent. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the Friends of Rayhainio Boynes campaign, how they got their start in politics, and key facts about their causes and campaigns. Join us today!


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Throughout this journey, we hope to unite an already resilient community and enhance our promising downtown. I’d love to talk more with the people about increasing Public Safety for students, residents, and patrons in the district. I will focus on ways to increase Mental Health resources and services while not forgetting the many needs of our Homeless and Disabled populations who may find themselves marginalized.


I am an individual whom residents & business owners can sit down with to share concerns without fear and know that you'll be heard. 


For decades as a successful artist I’ve always used my platform to promote the investment in homegrown talent and retaining our entrepreneurs and creatives. I dream of finally being able to bring things like our own “SXSW” to Downtown Milwaukee, creating an environment where our residents,  businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent can all benefit. 


Lastly, for this post, but certainly not the last thing we will discuss or work for, I want to look at ways that we can optimize downtown spending so that we can spend money downtown where it matters, yet shift more resources to other important areas of the city.


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